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*                                                                      *
*               This software is part of the ast package               *
*          Copyright (c) 1982-2010 AT&T Intellectual Property          *
*                      and is licensed under the                       *
*                  Common Public License, Version 1.0                  *
*                    by AT&T Intellectual Property                     *
*                                                                      *
*                A copy of the License is available at                 *
*            http://www.opensource.org/licenses/cpl1.0.txt             *
*         (with md5 checksum 059e8cd6165cb4c31e351f2b69388fd9)         *
*                                                                      *
*              Information and Software Systems Research               *
*                            AT&T Research                             *
*                           Florham Park NJ                            *
*                                                                      *
*                  David Korn <dgk@research.att.com>                   *
*                                                                      *
#pragma prototyped
#ifndef _NV_PRIVATE
 * This is the implementation header file for name-value pairs

#define _NV_PRIVATE     \
      Namfun_t    *nvfun;           /* pointer to trap functions */ \
      union Value nvalue;     /* value field */ \
      char        *nvenv;           /* pointer to environment name */ 

#include    <ast.h>
#include    <cdt.h>
#include    "shtable.h"

/* Nodes can have all kinds of values */
union Value
      const char        *cp;
      int               *ip;
      char              c;
      int               i;
      unsigned int            u;
      int32_t                 *lp;
      Sflong_t          *llp; /* for long long arithmetic */
      int16_t                 s;
      int16_t                 *sp;
      double                  *dp;  /* for floating point arithmetic */
      Sfdouble_t        *ldp; /* for long floating point arithmetic */
      struct Namarray         *array;     /* for array node */
      struct Namval           *np;  /* for Namval_t node */
      union Value       *up;  /* for indirect node */
      struct Ufunction  *rp;  /* shell user defined functions */
      struct Namfun           *funp;      /* discipline pointer */
      struct Namref           *nrp; /* name reference */
      int               (*bfp)(int,char*[],void*);/* builtin entry point function pointer */

#include    "nval.h"

/* used for arrays */

#define ARRAY_MAX       (1L<<ARRAY_BITS) /* maximum number of elements in an array */
#define ARRAY_MASK      (ARRAY_MAX-1)     /* For index values */

#define ARRAY_INCR      32    /* number of elements to grow when array 
                           bound exceeded.  Must be a power of 2 */
#define ARRAY_FILL      (8L<<ARRAY_BITS)  /* used with nv_putsub() */
#define ARRAY_NOCLONE   (16L<<ARRAY_BITS) /* do not clone array disc */
#define ARRAY_NOCHILD   (32L<<ARRAY_BITS) /* skip compound arrays */
#define ARRAY_SETSUB    (64L<<ARRAY_BITS) /* set subscript */
#define ARRAY_NOSCOPE   (128L<<ARRAY_BITS)      /* top level scope only */
#define ARRAY_TREE      (256L<<ARRAY_BITS)      /* arrays of compound vars */
#define NV_ASETSUB      8                 /* set subscript */

/* These flags are used as options to array_get() */
#define ARRAY_ASSIGN    0
#define ARRAY_LOOKUP    1
#define ARRAY_DELETE    2

struct Namref
      Namval_t    *np;
      Namval_t    *table;
      Dt_t        *root;
      char        *sub;

/* This describes a user shell function node */
struct Ufunction
      int         *ptree;           /* address of parse tree */
      int         lineno;           /* line number of function start */
      off_t       hoffset;    /* offset into source or history file */
      Namval_t    *nspace;    /* pointer to name space */
      char        *fname;           /* file name where function defined */
      char        *help;            /* help string */
      Dt_t        *sdict;           /* dictionary for statics */
      Dt_t        *fdict;           /* dictionary node belongs to */
      Namval_t    *np;        /* function node pointer */

#ifndef ARG_RAW
    struct argnod;
#endif /* !ARG_RAW */

/* attributes of Namval_t items */

/* The following attributes are for internal use */
#define NV_PARAM  NV_NODISC   /* expansion use positional params */

/* This following are for use with nodes which are not name-values */
#define NV_TYPE         0x1000000
#define NV_STATIC 0x2000000
#define NV_COMVAR 0x4000000
#define NV_UNJUST 0x8000000         /* clear justify attributes */
#define NV_FUNCTION     (NV_RJUST|NV_FUNCT)     /* value is shell function */
#define NV_FPOSIX NV_LJUST          /* posix function semantics */
#define NV_FTMP         NV_ZFILL          /* function source in tmpfile */

#define NV_NOPRINT      (NV_LTOU|NV_UTOL) /* do not print */
#define NV_NOEXPAND     NV_RJUST          /* do not expand alias */
#define BLT_ENV         (NV_RDONLY)       /* non-stoppable,
                                     * can modify enviornment */
#define BLT_SPC         (NV_LJUST)        /* special built-ins */
#define BLT_EXIT  (NV_RJUST)        /* exit value can be > 255 */
#define BLT_DCL         (NV_TAGGED)       /* declaration command */
#define BLT_NOSFIO      (NV_IMPORT)       /* doesn't use sfio */
#define NV_OPTGET (NV_BINARY)       /* function calls getopts */
#define nv_isref(n)     (nv_isattr((n),NV_REF|NV_TAGGED|NV_FUNCT)==NV_REF)
#define nv_istable(n)   (nv_isattr((n),NV_TABLE|NV_LJUST|NV_RJUST|NV_INTEGER)==NV_TABLE)
#define is_abuiltin(n)  (nv_isattr(n,NV_BLTIN|NV_INTEGER)==NV_BLTIN)
#define is_afunction(n) (nv_isattr(n,NV_FUNCTION|NV_REF)==NV_FUNCTION)
#define     nv_funtree(n)     ((n)->nvalue.rp->ptree)
#define     funptr(n)   ((n)->nvalue.bfp)

#define NV_SUBQUOTE     (NV_ADD<<1) /* used with nv_endsubscript */

/* ... for attributes */

#define nv_setattr(n,f) ((n)->nvflag = (f))
#define nv_context(n)   ((void*)(n)->nvfun)           /* for builtins */
/* The following are for name references */
#define nv_refnode(n)   ((n)->nvalue.nrp->np)
#define nv_reftree(n)   ((n)->nvalue.nrp->root)
#define nv_reftable(n)  ((n)->nvalue.nrp->table)
#define nv_refsub(n)    ((n)->nvalue.nrp->sub)

/* ... etc */

#define nv_setsize(n,s) ((n)->nvsize = (s))
#undef nv_size
#define nv_size(np)     ((np)->nvsize)
#define _nv_hasget(np)  ((np)->nvfun && (np)->nvfun->disc && nv_hasget(np))
#define nv_isnull(np)   (!(np)->nvalue.cp && (nv_isattr(np,NV_SHORT|NV_INTEGER)!=(NV_SHORT|NV_INTEGER)) && !_nv_hasget(np))

/* ...      for arrays */

#define array_elem(ap)  ((ap)->nelem&ARRAY_MASK)
#define array_assoc(ap) ((ap)->fun)

extern int        array_maxindex(Namval_t*);
extern char             *nv_endsubscript(Namval_t*, char*, int);
extern Namfun_t   *nv_cover(Namval_t*);
extern Namarr_t   *nv_arrayptr(Namval_t*);
extern int        nv_arrayisset(Namval_t*, Namarr_t*);
extern int        nv_arraysettype(Namval_t*, Namval_t*,const char*,int);
extern int        nv_aimax(Namval_t*);
extern int        nv_atypeindex(Namval_t*, const char*);
extern int        nv_setnotify(Namval_t*,char **);
extern int        nv_unsetnotify(Namval_t*,char **);
extern void       nv_setlist(struct argnod*, int, Namval_t*);
extern struct argnod*   nv_onlist(struct argnod*, const char*);
extern void             nv_optimize(Namval_t*);
extern void       nv_outname(Sfio_t*,char*, int);
extern void             nv_unref(Namval_t*);
extern void       _nv_unset(Namval_t*,int);
extern int        nv_hasget(Namval_t*);
extern int        nv_clone(Namval_t*, Namval_t*, int);
void              clone_all_disc(Namval_t*, Namval_t*, int);
extern Namfun_t         *nv_clone_disc(Namfun_t*, int);
extern void       *nv_diropen(Namval_t*, const char*);
extern char       *nv_dirnext(void*);
extern void       nv_dirclose(void*); 
extern char       *nv_getvtree(Namval_t*, Namfun_t*);
extern void       nv_attribute(Namval_t*, Sfio_t*, char*, int);
extern Namval_t         *nv_bfsearch(const char*, Dt_t*, Namval_t**, char**);
extern Namval_t         *nv_mkclone(Namval_t*);
extern Namval_t         *nv_mktype(Namval_t**, int);
extern Namval_t         *nv_addnode(Namval_t*, int);
extern Namval_t         *nv_parent(Namval_t*);
extern char       *nv_getbuf(size_t);
extern Namval_t         *nv_mount(Namval_t*, const char *name, Dt_t*);
extern Namval_t         *nv_arraychild(Namval_t*, Namval_t*, int);
extern int        nv_compare(Dt_t*, Void_t*, Void_t*, Dtdisc_t*);
extern void       nv_outnode(Namval_t*,Sfio_t*, int, int);
extern int        nv_subsaved(Namval_t*);
extern void       nv_typename(Namval_t*, Sfio_t*);
extern void       nv_newtype(Namval_t*);

extern const Namdisc_t  RESTRICTED_disc;
extern const Namdisc_t  ENUM_disc;
extern char       nv_local;
extern Dtdisc_t         _Nvdisc;
extern const char *nv_discnames[];
extern const char e_subscript[];
extern const char e_nullset[];
extern const char e_notset[];
extern const char e_noparent[];
extern const char e_notelem[];
extern const char e_readonly[];
extern const char e_badfield[];
extern const char e_restricted[];
extern const char e_ident[];
extern const char e_varname[];
extern const char e_noalias[];
extern const char e_noarray[];
extern const char e_notenum[];
extern const char e_aliname[];
extern const char e_badexport[];
extern const char e_badref[];
extern const char e_badsubscript[];
extern const char e_noref[];
extern const char e_selfref[];
extern const char e_envmarker[];
extern const char e_badlocale[];
extern const char e_loop[];
extern const char e_redef[];
extern const char e_required[];
extern const char e_badappend[];
extern const char e_unknowntype[];
extern const char e_globalref[];
#endif /* _NV_PRIVATE */

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