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*                                                                      *
*               This software is part of the ast package               *
*          Copyright (c) 1982-2007 AT&T Intellectual Property          *
*                      and is licensed under the                       *
*                  Common Public License, Version 1.0                  *
*                    by AT&T Intellectual Property                     *
*                                                                      *
*                A copy of the License is available at                 *
*            http://www.opensource.org/licenses/cpl1.0.txt             *
*         (with md5 checksum 059e8cd6165cb4c31e351f2b69388fd9)         *
*                                                                      *
*              Information and Software Systems Research               *
*                            AT&T Research                             *
*                           Florham Park NJ                            *
*                                                                      *
*                  David Korn <dgk@research.att.com>                   *
*                                                                      *
#pragma prototyped

#include    <defs.h>
#include    "FEATURE/options"
#include    "name.h"
#include    "shtable.h"

#   define bashopt(a,b)       a,    b|SH_BASHOPT,
#   define bashextra(a,b)     a,    b|SH_BASHEXTRA,
#   define bashopt(a,b)
#   define bashextra(a,b)

 * This is the list of invocation and set options
 * This list must be in in ascii sorted order

const Shtable_t shtab_options[] =
      "allexport",                  SH_ALLEXPORT,
      "bash",                       (SH_BASH|SH_COMMANDLINE),
      "bgnice",               SH_BGNICE,
      "braceexpand",                SH_BRACEEXPAND,
      bashopt("cdable_vars",        SH_CDABLE_VARS)
      bashopt("cdspell",            SH_CDSPELL)
      bashopt("checkhash",          SH_CHECKHASH)
      bashopt("checkwinsize",       SH_CHECKWINSIZE)
      "noclobber",                  SH_NOCLOBBER,
      bashopt("dotglob",            SH_DOTGLOB)
      "emacs",                SH_EMACS,
      "errexit",              SH_ERREXIT,
      "noexec",               SH_NOEXEC,
      bashopt("execfail",           SH_EXECFAIL)
      bashopt("expand_aliases",     SH_EXPAND_ALIASES)
      bashopt("extglob",            SH_EXTGLOB)
      "noglob",               SH_NOGLOB,
      "globstar",             SH_GLOBSTARS,
      "gmacs",                SH_GMACS,
      bashextra("hashall",          SH_TRACKALL)
      bashopt("histappend",         SH_HISTAPPEND)
      "histexpand",                 SH_HISTEXPAND,
      bashextra("histexpand",       SH_HISTEXPAND)
      bashextra("history",          SH_HISTORY2)
      bashopt("histreedit",         SH_HISTREEDIT)
      bashopt("histverify",         SH_HISTVERIFY)
      bashopt("hostcomplete",       SH_HOSTCOMPLETE)
      bashopt("huponexit",          SH_HUPONEXIT)
      "ignoreeof",                  SH_IGNOREEOF,
      "interactive",                SH_INTERACTIVE|SH_COMMANDLINE,
      bashextra("interactive_comments",   SH_INTERACTIVE_COMM)
      "keyword",              SH_KEYWORD,
      bashopt("lithist",            SH_LITHIST)
      "nolog",                SH_NOLOG,
      "login_shell",                SH_LOGIN_SHELL|SH_COMMANDLINE,
      bashopt("mailwarn",           SH_MAILWARN)
      "markdirs",             SH_MARKDIRS,
      "monitor",              SH_MONITOR,
      "multiline",                  SH_MULTILINE,
      bashopt("no_empty_cmd_completion", SH_NOEMPTYCMDCOMPL)
      bashopt("nocaseglob",         SH_NOCASEGLOB)
      "notify",               SH_NOTIFY,
      bashopt("nullglob",           SH_NULLGLOB)
      bashextra("onecmd",           SH_TFLAG)
      "pipefail",             SH_PIPEFAIL,
      bashextra("physical",         SH_PHYSICAL)
      bashextra("posix",            SH_POSIX)
      "privileged",                 SH_PRIVILEGED,
      "profile",              SH_LOGIN_SHELL|SH_COMMANDLINE,
      "pfsh",                       SH_PFSH|SH_COMMANDLINE,
#   endif
      "profile",              SH_PFSH|SH_COMMANDLINE,
#   endif
      bashopt("progcomp",           SH_PROGCOMP)
      bashopt("promptvars",         SH_PROMPTVARS)
      "rc",                   SH_RC|SH_COMMANDLINE,
      "restricted",                 SH_RESTRICTED,
      bashopt("restricted_shell",   SH_RESTRICTED2|SH_COMMANDLINE)
      bashopt("shift_verbose",      SH_SHIFT_VERBOSE)
      "showme",               SH_SHOWME,
      bashopt("sourcepath",         SH_SOURCEPATH)
      "trackall",             SH_TRACKALL,
      "nounset",              SH_NOUNSET,
      "verbose",              SH_VERBOSE,
      "vi",                   SH_VI,
      "viraw",                SH_VIRAW,
      bashopt("xpg_echo",           SH_XPG_ECHO)
      "xtrace",               SH_XTRACE,
      "",                     0

const Shtable_t shtab_attributes[] =
      {"-nnameref",     NV_REF},
      {"-xexport",      NV_EXPORT},
      {"-rreadonly",    NV_RDONLY},
      {"-ttagged",      NV_TAGGED},
      {"-llong",  (NV_INTEGER|NV_DOUBLE|NV_LONG)},
      {"-Ffloat", (NV_INTEGER|NV_DOUBLE)},
      {"-llong",  (NV_INTEGER|NV_LONG)},
      {"-sshort", (NV_INTEGER|NV_SHORT)},
      {"-uunsigned",    (NV_INTEGER|NV_UNSIGN)},
      {"-iinteger",     NV_INTEGER},
      {"-Hfilename",    NV_HOST},
      {"-bbinary",    NV_BINARY},
      {"-llowercase",   NV_UTOL},
      {"-Zzerofill",    NV_ZFILL},
      {"-Lleftjust",    NV_LJUST},
      {"-Rrightjust",   NV_RJUST},
      {"-uuppercase",   NV_LTOU},
      {"-Aassociative array", NV_ARRAY},
      {"-aindexed array",     NV_ARRAY},
      {"++namespace",   NV_TABLE},
      {"",        0}

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