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#pragma prototyped

 * zip huffman codeing interface

#ifndef _HUFF_H
#define _HUFF_H         1

#include "zip.h"

#include <vmalloc.h>

/* Huffman code lookup table entry--this entry is four bytes for machines
   that have 16-bit pointers (e.g. PC's in the small or medium model).
   Valid extra bits are 0..13.      e == 15 is EOB (end of block), e == 16
   means that v is a literal, 16 < e < 32 means that v is a pointer to
   the next table, which codes e - 16 bits, and lastly e == 99 indicates
   an unused code.  If a code with e == 99 is looked up, this implies an
   error in the data. */

struct Huff_s; typedef struct Huff_s Huff_t;

struct Huff_s
    uch                 e;    /* number of extra bits or operation */
    uch                 b;    /* number of bits in this code or subcode */
      ush         n;    /* literal, length base, or distance base */
      Huff_t*           t;    /* pointer to next level of table */
    } v;

extern int  huff(ulg*, ulg, ulg, ush*, ush*, Huff_t**, int*, Vmalloc_t*);


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