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*                                                                      *
*               This software is part of the ast package               *
*          Copyright (c) 2002-2007 AT&T Intellectual Property          *
*                      and is licensed under the                       *
*                  Common Public License, Version 1.0                  *
*                    by AT&T Intellectual Property                     *
*                                                                      *
*                A copy of the License is available at                 *
*            http://www.opensource.org/licenses/cpl1.0.txt             *
*         (with md5 checksum 059e8cd6165cb4c31e351f2b69388fd9)         *
*                                                                      *
*              Information and Software Systems Research               *
*                            AT&T Research                             *
*                           Florham Park NJ                            *
*                                                                      *
*                 Glenn Fowler <gsf@research.att.com>                  *
*                  David Korn <dgk@research.att.com>                   *
*                                                                      *
#pragma prototyped

 * archive scan/touch/extract interface

#ifndef _ARDIR_H
#define _ARDIR_H  1

#include <ast.h>
#include <ls.h>

#define ARDIR_VERSION         20020501L

 * retain this order!

#define ARDIR_CREATE          0x0001
#define ARDIR_DELETE          0x0002

#define ARDIR_FORCE           0x0004
#define ARDIR_LOCAL           0x0008
#define ARDIR_NEWER           0x0010
#define ARDIR_OUTOFDATE       0x0020
#define ARDIR_RANLIB          0x0040
#define ARDIR_SEQUENTIAL      0x0080
#define ARDIR_UPDATE          0x0100

struct Ardir_s; typedef struct Ardir_s Ardir_t;
struct Ardirent_s; typedef struct Ardirent_s Ardirent_t;
struct Ardirmeth_s; typedef struct Ardirmeth_s Ardirmeth_t;

struct Ardirmeth_s
      const char* name;
      const char* description;
      int         (*openf)(Ardir_t*, char*, size_t);
      Ardirent_t* (*nextf)(Ardir_t*);
      int         (*changef)(Ardir_t*, Ardirent_t*);
      int         (*insertf)(Ardir_t*, const char*, int);
      const char* (*specialf)(Ardir_t*);
      int         (*closef)(Ardir_t*);
      Ardirmeth_t*      next;

struct Ardirent_s
      char*             name;
      time_t                  mtime;
      off_t             offset;
      off_t             size;
      uid_t             uid;
      gid_t             gid;
      mode_t                  mode;

struct Ardir_s
      unsigned long           version;
      char*             path;
      struct stat       st;
      unsigned long           symtime;
      Ardirmeth_t*            meth;
      void*             data;
      unsigned int            flags;
      int               error;
      int               fd;
      int               truncate;
      Ardirent_t        dirent;

extern Ardirmeth_t*     ardirmeth(const char*);
extern Ardirmeth_t*     ardirlist(Ardirmeth_t*);
extern Ardir_t*         ardiropen(const char*, Ardirmeth_t*, int);
extern Ardirent_t*      ardirnext(Ardir_t*);
extern off_t            ardircopy(Ardir_t*, Ardirent_t*, int);
extern int        ardirchange(Ardir_t*, Ardirent_t*);
extern int        ardirinsert(Ardir_t*, const char*, int);
extern const char*      ardirspecial(Ardir_t*);
extern int        ardirclose(Ardir_t*);


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